October 04, 2005

AdWare targets major search engines

ComputerWeekly reports that the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN are being spoofed by adware called Premium search. Once the adware is installed, users visiting those search engines are actually viewing spoofs.  Full story at ComputerWeekly.

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July 21, 2005

iTunes instant message worm drops adware

A new instant messaging worm that masquerades as Computer's application and drops adware on infected Windows PCs has been found.

The pest is a new version of the and spreads using America Online's Instant Messenger, security companies said. It was first discovered on July 14 and isn't currently spreading at a high rate, Bruce Hughes, a senior antivirus researcher at Trend Micro, said on Wednesday. "It isn't infecting people at a high rate," he said.

The worm, dubbed Opanki.Y by Trend Micro, arrives in a message with the text: "This picture never gets old." It includes a link to a file that when downloaded is installed as "ITUNES.EXE," possibly to trick people into thinking that it is associated with Apple's popular media player.

If it runs, the worm opens a back door on the infected PC and downloads and installs four adware applications, Trend Micro said. is software that displays pop-up advertising on a computer screen.

"We are seeing more worms and viruses that are dropping spyware and adware," Hughes said. "The virus writers get money for every install."

In addition to Opanki.Y, a worm called IM.Dynu hit users of AIM and MSN Messenger on Wednesday. It infects PCs via e-mail, the Web and instant messaging services, IMlogic said in an advisory. The Web addresses it uses in the instant messages can differ and so does the payload, the security company said.

The advice to instant messaging users is to be careful when clicking on links in messages--even when they seem to come from friends--and to use up-to-date antivirus software.

Original Story on CNet

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January 05, 2005

Experts warn of adware threat for 2005

    Antivirus experts are predicting that adware will be the major threat for 2005. Spyware and adware are insidious little programs that monitor internet searches, sites visited, what you type on your keyboard and can serve up pop up advertisements customised to your habits. From PCPro

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