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February 09, 2005

Anti-Spyware Group Splits

Apparently there's some drama going on in the Anti-Spyware industry:

"Some members of an anti-spyware group resigned after the group, the Consortium of Anti-Spyware Technology vendors (COAST), instituted a certification process that could allow adware vendors to distinguish themselves from the less desirable spyware purveyors. The certification process allowed adware firms 180Solutions and Weatherbug into the consortium, angering three longer-term members from the computer security community. Webroot, Aluria and Computer Associates said they would rather leave the group than sully themselves by associating with firms using software to display advertising. Others note that COAST has changed spyware and adware firm practices by engaging with the companies and establishing reasonable standards. 180Solutions has agreed to change its software practices as part of its certification process with COAST. Among other things, the software exploited an ActiveX vulnerability to install software without seeking explicit permission, according to CNET. COAST gave 180Solutions 90 days to replace all of its user base's software. A Webroot executive told CNET that this wasn't good enough, saying adware "uses your computer's resources and sometimes [has] sloppy or damaging practices all in the purpose of serving up ads, which they get paid for and you don't."" From MarketingVOX via CNET "Catfight in the spyware corral"

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