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February 02, 2005

Rise In Spyware

An article on TechWeb today points out issues with an increase in spyware:

The worst kinds of spyware reached all-time highs in the last quarter of 2004, said a national ISP and an anti-spyware vendor as they released their quarterly SpyAudit report Wednesday.

The numbers offer hard evidence to back up suspicions that phishing scammers are turning to deadlier, stealthier spyware to hijack identities and empty bank accounts.

Spyware -- the umbrella term given to software that installs and runs without the user's knowledge -- collects data such as surfing habits, or, more maliciously, records keystrokes in the hope of snagging account passwords or other confidential information.  Full article at TechWeb

Securence offers information on anti spam software and anti spyware software solutions.

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