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February 07, 2005

Spammers and phishers colluding

Here's an interesting article about how spammers are bypassing blacklist filters by sending out spam  from the affected machines ISP mail server:

Spammers are continuing to stay one step ahead of the antispam community as a recent innovation makes blacklists – where e-mails from suspicious sources are blocked -- virtually useless.

On Thursday, anti-spam organisation SpamHaus, which compiles blacklists that block around eight billion e-mail messages a day, reported that spammers have started sending spam via the mail server of an infected PC's Internet service provider. This means the spam appears to come from the ISP, making it very hard for an anti-spam blacklist to block. Previously, compromised or zombie PCs have been used as mail servers to send spam e-mails directly.

David Banes, technical director at e-mail security specialist Messagelabs Asia Pacific, said the company has noticed a huge increase in spam over the past few weeks as more spammers begin using the new technique. He expects traditional blacklists will be rendered virtually useless.

"This means you can’t trust your blacklists anymore. We have seen a spike in spam over the last few weeks. If you do rely on blacklists [to block spam] then you are in trouble," said Banes.

Full article from ZDNet Austrailia

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