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July 11, 2005

Marketers Use Spam to Target Cell Phones

Marketers are using unsolicited e-mails to target cell phone users. Experts recommend “Don’t call back.”

The e-mails often start with a message telling the cell phone subscriber they have won a prize. Depending on the cell phone company, the user may be charged for incoming text messages. 

Privacy rights experts recommend not calling back because a subscriber's information can be sold to other telemarketers.

"If it says you won a great prize, call us at 1-800 or 1-900, don't call them back," said Beth Givens, of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. "It could be an overseas exchange that will cost you a lot of money."

Cell phone users can file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission or report the problem to their cell phone service provider.

Full article at NBC Sandiego .

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