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September 19, 2005

Worm poses as Google

What a target Google is. A new work is now posing as Google. When infected, users visiting Google are actually looking at a fake Google site.

From InfoWorld:

A new worm has been discovered that apes Google's search site and tunes the results to benefit hackers, not Web surfers.

The P2Load.A virus modifies the HOSTS file on a PC so that when users try to access Google, they are redirected to a page that looks exactly the same as Google, but is not controlled by the company. Instead, the exact copy of Google even supports the 17 languages that Google does and redirects typos such as www.googel.com or www.gogle.com, in such a fashion that users are not aware of the change, according to security firm PandaLabs.

Once users inadvertently download P2Load.A, the next time they go to Google, the spoofed page comes up. Some of the search results are selectively changed, and the fake ads are swapped in place of Google's AdWords.

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